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Level35 is the company behind the Zeno.pm application. We manage all the design, development and support. We are also professional project, program and portfolio managers providing consulting services.

Melbourne, Australia


+61 406 042 915

White Papers

Trust project data

Management often find themselves in the position of being a passenger on the project bus rather than being there to advise the driver on the best route. Poor data integrity, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of reporting directly impact trust and therefore the quality of decision-making. In this case management are largely in the dark and cannot provide effective support and guidance, increasing the risks to successful project delivery.

Data integrity and timeliness are the key factors in project reporting that will reduce management’s confidence in the reporting. The basic requirement for consuming project data is that it’s believable and timely. Believable in terms of it being an accurate reflection of the current state of the project and timely in that any direction or decisions that need to be given or made are still relevant when the reporting is received.

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Greg Vandeligt, CEO Level35

Believability and Timeliness – The key to trusting your Project data

cognitive project management

Enterprise Project Management is ripe for disruption. While “Agile” has largely been the method of choice in software development and IT projects for many years, in the last couple of years it has begun gaining momentum across all enterprise domains and industry sectors. For example, we’ve seen manufacturing and construction management introduce agile practices into their traditionally waterfall approaches. Perhaps highest profile adopter of “Agile” practices into mainstream enterprise management recently has been ANZ Bank – radically reorganising its traditional bureaucracies and hierarchies into small multi-disciplinary “squads” and “tribes” in order to launch new products faster to market.

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James Gumley, MD Level35

See the Unseen – Using Cognitive Technologies to Gain Project Insights from all your Data Sources