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Level35 is the company behind the Zeno.pm application. We manage all the design, development and support. We are also professional project, program and portfolio managers providing consulting services.

Melbourne, Australia


+61 406 042 915



Real time dashboards with all your PPM information. View key information and see at a glance what needs attention.

  • See all your portfolios, programs and projects

  • Instant status information

  • Direct drill through to all core data

  • Quick links for key actions

  • User-customisable

Home Dashboard

Project Scheduling & Task Management

Create plans and project schedules quickly and easily. Manage work in one location and allow team members access to their tasks as required.

  • Gantt charts and simple WBS - Sequence work and manage critical paths

  • Assign resources and track dependencies

  • Run agile with scrum, kanban and DSDM Zeno (Kanban) boards

  • Single source of truth for RAG and percentage complete

  • Milestones and Deliverables

  • Timesheet integration

  • Program and portfolio aggregation (critical project Milestone rollup)

  • Collaboration through comments and integrated messaging

  • Integrated and automated reporting

Gantt Chart


A full suite of pre-formatted .pdf and 'pivot' style reports.

  • Individual status and automated governance packs

  • Risks and Issues

  • Actions, dependencies, benefits, assumptions, changes

  • Health and quality

  • Financials

  • Resourcing

  • Business strategy, service, product and outcome alignment

  • Portfolio, program and project specific

  • Export to common file formats

  • API outputs for 3rd party reporting tools

  • Sample report packs 

Basic Status Report


Project Report pack


A sample Program pack (aggregated project data)


A sample Portfolio pack (aggregated project data)

Portfolio Management

Easy creation of portfolios with seamless aggregation of data

  • User defined portfolio creation

  • Custom metrics for portfolio optimisation

  • Aggregation of project data for tasks and financials

  • Portfolio-specific reporting and extracts

Portfolio Dashboard


Consoles, functionality and tools to help PMO's make the most of their project portfolio landscape.

  • Dashboards with easy access to all key project information

  • Full life cycle - pipeline (idea) and delivery management

  • Reporting and sorting

  • Assurance and issues tracking

  • Benefits management

  • Extensive pre-formatted and pivot reporting

PMO Dashboard

APIs and Integrations

Many of zeno.pm's data fields are available via API for integration into 3rd party reporting and presentation tools. Check with us directly about the capabilities here.

Direct integration with other PM tools is also on the near-term roadmap!

IBM Watson Analytics

IBM Watson is integrated right into zeno.pm. The Tone Analyser helps PMs communicate more effectively and helps the enterprise understand where to focus attention. When combined with conventional reporting, truly unique insights and early warning indicators can be leveraged.

  • Emotional tone analysis

  • Language tone analysis

  • Social tone analysis

  • Automated integration and reporting

  • PMO level aggregated reporting to identify focus areas

  • Time + cost + quality + sentiment = Next generation project reporting!

Admin and Configuration

Easy to configure, easy to operate. zeno.pm can be run 'straight out of the box' or quickly tuned to your environment. Our admin Console makes it easy to:

  • Manage instances and company specifics

  • Manage workflows

  • Create and manage users and access

  • Set up custom fields

  • Manage quality indicators

  • Set up company objectives and business drivers

  • Manage and pay for additional licenses

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