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Level35 is the company behind the Zeno.pm application. We manage all the design, development and support. We are also professional project, program and portfolio managers providing consulting services.

Melbourne, Australia


+61 406 042 915

Manuals & Tutorials

We are constantly adding to and updating our training manuals and tutorials so bookmark this page and check-in regularly.

Training Manuals


This is the Zeno.pm Foundation level training manual. The manual covers the following areas:

  • Module 1 – General System Navigation

  • Module 2 – Project Creation and Information Management

  • Module 3 – Risks & Issues

  • Module 4 – Scheduling

  • Module 5 – Project Budgets

  • Module 6 – Reporting


This is the Advanced training manual. It builds on Foundation level competencies and covers the following areas:

  • Module 1 – Projects (extended menu options)

  • Module 2 – Programs & Portfolios (extended menu options)

  • Module 3 – Scheduling (extended functionality)

  • Module 4 – Financials

  • Module 5 – Benefits Management

  • Module 6 – Reporting (extended print and pivot reports)

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YouTube Video Tutorials

Projects, Programs and Portfolios - the OneViewPPM way

There are a number of different ways the parent-child hierarchy of projects, programs and portfolios can be configured. This is an overview of how OneViewPPM treats this relationship. It explains how they relate to each other for the purposes of rolling up and aggregating data for reporting.

Project Creation

This video shows you how to create and edit a program or project. It also highlights key project attributes such as workflow, health, start/end dates and financials.


This video is an introduction to the extensive reporting functionality within OneView PPM. It highlights the basic status reporting, preformatted .pd reports and finally, the bespoke 'pivot' style reports that allow you to create reports for any of OneVIew PPM's data fields.

Budget Management

This video covers the creation and editing of budgets. OneView PPM has extensive functionality in the area for budget creation, editing and the addition of actuals.  From pipeline through delivery, you can actively track all financial data. Accounting treatments and cost types are all configurable and easy to set up in line with your organisation's financial policies.

Risks & Issues

This video covers the creation and management of risks and issues. You can actively monitor risks, mitigating actions, assign them to resources, report and get notifications. 

User Management

Users exist at two fundamental levels in OneViewPPM: General Access and Reference. General Access users are those people that will be 'active' in the system, whereas Reference users are those that may still have involvement (eg. actions assigned to them, ownership of risks, etc.) but will not play a daily role managing project data. Reference users are typically senior managers, third parties or other business units.

Resource Management

Resource profiles are created to manage people, roles and default costs. You can create any number of resource profiles that contain role types and costs unique to the work type, location or business unit. For example, an IT profile may be different from a marketing profile. 


The scheduling function in OneView PPM is more than just task sequencing. When creating your schedule, you also create the single point of reference for task start / end dates, RAG status, % and completion. You can assign resources directly to tasks or Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) items. The OneView PPM schedule can be imported directly into your report packs with a professional overlay that keeps your milestones and deliverables clear and concise.

IBM Watson

Unique to OneView PPM is the direct integration of IBM's Watson Tone Analyser. This gives users the ability to understand and tune the tone used in their status reporting. It also provides the basis for cross-organisational analysis of the organisation's PPM world. This can identify the projects that need attention based on changes in tone from period to period. These changes can be early indicators of a project encountering stress. 

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