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Level35 is the company behind the Zeno.pm application. We manage all the design, development and support. We are also professional project, program and portfolio managers providing consulting services.

Melbourne, Australia


+61 406 042 915

Why zeno.pm?


Years of experience in different industries and project environments equips the team at Level35 to offer a product that gives any organisation the best chance at achieving its project objectives

Here's our story.

Zeno.pm is the product of many years of Project, Program and Portfolio Management delivery experience. Over the years we have worked with a host of inefficient, cumbersome, costly and restrictive PPM tools. When combined with poor practice and a lack of governance, many organisations find themselves facing into repeated project failures, poor results and cost/time overruns.

Our goal is do things easier, better and smarter.


Our focus on data re-use and quality assists with the development of best practice organisational change, efficient project reporting and governance. We also know that building a tool purely to collect and report on project data does not actually help deliver better results. We have designed zeno.pm to be a product you can quickly trial with minimal configuration, risk and cost. Your project community will want to use it because it saves them time, reduces administration effort and allows them to manage, not react.

We have seen organisations move from large transformation programs to smaller, agile projects to meet the ever-changing demands of their businesses. The need to do more with less and pivot without sinking excessive cost is becoming the norm. Zeno.pm fills that gap between those legacy tools and the wealth of agile, iterative and workflow solutions on the market. An enterprise product was always on our minds as this is what is needed to ensure an organisation has a full view of their portfolio, program and project landscape.


But we haven't stopped here... the next generation of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence brings positively disruptive capabilities to the world of enterprise PPM. We are already using the tone of written communications to understand what is really going on; to "see the unseen" and check this against anomalies in reporting. The next steps will introduce fully augmented reporting (conventional and sentiment) and introduce virtual agents to drive the next level of data exploitation and system interaction.

What is your data saying about your project delivery performance...?